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The Program

Know the Truth is a program specifically developed to educate students on addictions and the consequences of their choices and help them tackle their everyday struggles. This program, completely free of charge, is tailored to the needs of schools and addresses their most prevalent issues. We offer large-group, multi-media presentations that challenge students through the stories of others who have walked the dark alleys of addiction. We also offer small-group and classroom presentations, teaching and leading discussions on topics such as alcohol, methamphetamines, cocaine, date rape, depression, steroids and many others.

The speakers focus on sharing stories of struggles and addictions, focusing on the factors and choices that led up to their destructive behaviors. Other components in the presentation include teaching of the physical and psychological effects of drug use, realistic refusal skills, and the available options for help for addictive behaviors. All presentations are administered by young adults who have struggled with these issues, who have walked in the students’ shoes and are able to connect with them on a level that few others can. All Know the Truth speakers are young adults who have recently struggled with addictions, have succeeded and now wish to impart their knowledge and experiences to other youth.

Know the Truth conducts educational sessions in public and private high schools and junior highs in the state of Minnesota, and builds relationships with these schools to continually be a preventative educational tool that these schools use year after year. Know the Truth also provides services to parents, teachers and community members in order to assist these individuals in being proactive family and community members who seek and assist teenagers who are struggling with addiction. These services, both to teenagers and adults, span a variety of mediums to fit the needs of the individuals, including but not limited to: interactive resource web portals, internet discussion forums, face-to-face teaching and discussion sessions, and resource teaching materials used in classroom environments.

During the 2009/2010 school year, Know the Truth worked with over 130 high schools, junior high schools, and community organizations and spoke to over 32,000 students in the Twin Cities and beyond.